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Jim Patterson's Tactical Trading System analyzes thousands of stocks daily to select and monitor the best possible  [Picture: Jim Patterson] trades that can be made on any given day. The system is sharply focused on those stocks that can return very quick profits.

The results are remarkable: The Tactical Trading System returned 325% over the last two year period, while the Dow was down 2.13%, the S&P was down 10.8%, and the Nasdaq was down 19.57%.

What really sets Tactical Trading Outlook apart from other advisory services is the basic philosophy behind the service. We prefer to be out of stocks and not in stocks, to reduce risk. The system moves investors in and out of stocks only when price movement and volume confirm they're on the move. You're only invested when your money is most likely to produce returns!

With this service, you now have an opportunity to enjoy a level of analysis, and an opportunity for profit, that's rarely -- if ever -- seen by the individual investor. For the "little guy," Tactical Trading Outlook levels the playing field with the big institutions.

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