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Here are some unsolicited comments from savvy traders who follow Mohan's Market Force - Daily Directional Forecast...

Important notice: These are spontaneous, unsolicited e-mail comments from subscribers. Actual trading records have not been verified. There is a very high degree of risk involved in futures trading. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Mohan's Market Force - Daily Directional Forecast, LLC and all individuals affiliated with Mohan's Market Force - Daily Directional Forecast, LLC assume no responsibilities for your trading and investment results.

"I'm retired so you could say I'm a full-time trader. I love trading and it does provide a major source of income. I started with Mohan in about 2003. He's terribly precise on his forecasts for the following day. If he says the market will turn at 1206.25, 80% of the time it does. And that's some pretty valuable insight. But when he's wrong in his forecast, he has the High-Five that will tell you he's wrong. So that keeps you from getting hurt. Typically my swing trades last 10-30 minutes, and I look to make $100 per contract. So that's 2 points… 2 points a trade, 4-5 trades a day. And I trade 5 days a week. Then, two or three times a month you'll hit a trend day. Those are nice. You stay in all day and might make 10 or 20 points before you're done. Maybe even more. But that doesn't happen too often. The main thing I like about Mohan himself is that he's a very very honest man. And he presents things as they are."
-Chris Henn

"I'm not particularly a day trader, as such. So I use Mohan's forecasts more like a weather report. If he sees conditions are favorable for what I anticipate the market will do, I know I have a good chance it's going to work out. I trade on three different time scales. And Mohan's methods, the High-Five in particular, are invaluable for all kinds of trading– daytrading, swing, and position trading too. When the DOW is at 14000 and the S&P500 is 1500, and you think, goodness gracious this is a bit high. That's when I look for a position trade. Here in the UK, they don't talk about the stock market much. So, when you hear BBC saying stocks are at an all-time high, and everything is rosy, you know it's time to go short. A trade like that can last several months. Then I do a bit of day-trading, which tends to be fading the gap; where I could be in and out in a couple hours. And my swing trades, I'll be in anywhere from three days to a couple weeks. What I like is that Mohan doesn't hedge. He comes out and says precisely what he thinks the market is going to do. And generally it does. I tie what he sees in with what I see. And when all things come together, it gives you a very high probability trade."
-John Johnson

"I win about 90% of my trades, I think… maybe even a little higher. It wasn't always that way. The first couple years, before I found Mohan on the Internet, I was losing money. But I knew there were traders out there making money. So I thought, if they could do it I could do it too. And, for the past seven years, ever since I've been following Mohan, I've been doing great. I like to scale in and out. I'll start with 2-4 contracts. Then, if it moves 3 points against me, I'll scale in 2 more contracts. When it gets back up to my original entry I scale out 2 contracts. So I've lowered my average cost and still have the core position. Sometimes I end up buying and selling a couple times. But I'm always pretty confident that price will come back to Mohan's pit bull number. His numbers are generally right on. Trading in Japan is kind of interesting because we don't watch the US media. In Japan they see the US market and talk about market manipulation and say things that Americans would call conspiracy theory. But it's a fact of life. The markets have changed over the years because of high frequency trading. And now the Fed seems to be getting more and more involved in US markets. But, why worry about it? It's all just part of the game. I could easily trade for a living, and when I move back to Hawaii I will. But the way my visa is, I have to keep a job in Japan. So I trade in the evening, pull at least 4 points from the market, and call it a day."

"After selling my construction company eight years ago, I was too young for social security so I decided to take up trading. Determined to learn everything there was to know, and to be successful, I joined several online trading rooms… even with people down on the floor in Chicago. But none of it panned out the way I wanted. I was ready to hang it up when I ran across Mohan. I can tell you, Mohan's way of looking at the market, and his approach to trading, is completely different from what everybody else does. And he turned my trading right around. Then, when my wife started hearing cheers coming from the room where I trade, she got interested and wanted to do it too. Before I knew it, she was just as darn good as me! We're having a lot of fun trading together and our success rate is around 80%. Sometimes we watch the market together and other times we're more like a tag-team, where one of us is trading and the other is doing errands or whatever. Mohan has definitely made the difference for us. 2010 is our best year yet and Mohan is the source of our success. There's no reason to ever quit trading. We enjoy it. We're successful. And I just don't see any reason to ever quit."

"I rose very high and very far in the retail world, and made huge salaries. And I got used to a pretty expensive lifestyle. But times are changing; business is getting much more streamline, and the $300,000 jobs are getting fewer and farther between. Meanwhile, the market crash, divorce, and a bunch of other things put a hurting on my nest egg. So, a few years back I decided to try my hand at trading. And I subscribed to just about every investment newsletter out there. Not only that, I contacted many of the writers and even became personal friends with a number of them. Mohan, and his way of looking at the market, has always stood out from all the rest. But now that difference is like day and night. Because he's still making money and the others aren't. The way the market is rigged these days, countless newsletter writers and fund managers, who were once major players and really knew their stuff, have closed up shop because their systems just don't work any more. But Mohan is still standing. The normal ebb and flow of the market is gone. But his methodology can deal with that. He's still making dead accurate calls and lots of money. Sometimes I'll risk 2-3 points and look to make 8-10. But mostly I hit 4points, which is $200 per contract, and get out. $200-$300 a day per contract is a very comfortable thing to do. I don't trade all the time, because I still enjoy doing consulting work and sometimes I'm just too busy. But between consulting gigs I always fall back on trading to keep the cash flow going. Trading with Mohan has been wonderful for my peace of mind. It's my security blanket."


The TCF setups have proven to me to be an invaluable trading tool. Identifying and trading on the setups has give me the confidence to hold on for more points instead of always scalping and letting the market dictate the way I trade. By combining the TCF setups with the high 5 and risk management the system teaches, I have all the tools I need to identify profitable trading opportunities.


"Just to let you know your service is the best I have seen. I have checked at least 6 others prior to subscribing more than a year ago and you far outshine them. Hoping for your continuous success."
-- DR Nevada 6/2005

"I have been trading for 25 years in stocks, futures and options. Your numbers and calls blow me away and is nothing short of amazing."
A firm believer, H.B

"Just to let you know your service is the best I have seen. I have checked at least 6 others prior to subscribing more than a year ago and you far outshine them. Hoping for your continuous success."
-- DR Nevada 6/2005

Subject: MCB
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 20:28:51 +0000

Mohan, just wanted to let you know how I much enjoy your daily MCB... can't wait to plot daily ranges on the worksheet that you recommend. Really gives you a "great view" of what may happen, in the upcoming trading day.

I am new to S&P500 trading. Find your service an excellent tool for get me oriented and hopefully profitable in the coming weeks/months. Really appreciate your daily efforts and the message(s) you have for all your subscribers.

Thanks to you and your team for all your outstanding efforts.


Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 06:19 PM
Subject: Re: cannot gain entry to daily briefing

Dear Folks:

A sincere thanks and word of appreciation for all the time devoted to my emails and professionally helping me to get into the website. The learning process is only starting. Thank you and a special word of thanks to Mohan for his dedication and commitment to the customer. Your concern and service is exceptionally superior to anything I have experienced out there. Keep up your quality-service and genuine concern for your users and you will reap immeasurable benefits. Thanks DTA-Team.

You're fantastic!!!!

Kind personal thanks and regards,


Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 8:41 AM
Subject: morning call


I have been a subscriber of DTA morning call for a few months so far. I have been trading stocks and options daily for nearly twenty years. I have learned more no nonsense, directly applicable, data from your service in a shorter period than any other market letter that I can remember. Also when the cost of your service is taken into account your work is easily the best value I've ever encountered in my many years of trading, investing and money management. Thank you very much.


Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 10:04 PM
Subject: Tough Love

Hi Mohan,

Just wanted to say I love your "Tough Love" approach to teaching us the ways of daytrading the SP500. Sure beats the $chool of hard knocks. Your calls are "crystal clear" and I have been a subscriber for just a few days. Keep up the good work and the Tough Love lessons. Your service is fantastic.


Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 5:52 PM
Subject: thanks!


I wanted to let you know that you are succeeding in educating us traders with your morning calls and "Ask Mohan" updates--  I have been trading stocks and options for a number of years, and have been successful... but these s&p futures are an entirely new animal.  I had been previously using a different method for trading the futures, mostly taking a "stop-in" approach at b/o and b/d's, trying to capture only 2-3pts.  There has been a really big mental block for me to trade your TCF setups, but after being a subscriber now for about 2 months, I am starting to be more confident that your setups really do work!  I hope you continue making the morning calls; if your goal is to educate, you are doing just that!



Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 4:37 PM
Subject: thanks and how ?

Dear Mohan,

The question is simple - how on earth do you stay so professional at this level of activity to produce the Morning Call every day, know when to back off and when to be full on, how to always keep reminding us what to look for at the right times and to endeavor to soak up this attitude ourselves? Believe me it does rub off and are we ever grateful!

After 3 years of ultra-green beginner learning and getting the goofy mistakes out of the way, I'm finally getting the message and catching myself before I do stupid things rather than after - big improvement!

I now have wide experience of many areas and orthogonal styles of trading from Elliott to Wyckoff and many more but can honestly say that the one single dimension that has made the most difference to me personally is you and TCF - thanks a bunch.



Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 2:30 PM
Subject: Thank you

Dear Mohan,

I have been trading futures now for nearly 7 years. Like you I had been through a lot but unlike you I had never come across such a brilliant filter as The High Five. The TCF setups are so true to Life I mean to S&P nature that its hard to believe with your retooling they will ever stop working.

Larry Williams whose seminars I had attended in the past, had nothing similar or even close to the power of the TCF. As I am not someone brilliant or exceptional and may not had the brains for Larry's teachings, but I am very happy to have survived to the day I subscribed to your Morning Call and that's already made a Hu...uge change to my trading. Thank you!

I am too far away Down Under in Australia and to my regret not able to attend either of your seminars this year. But I am planning to reward myself on the next opportunity no matter what. I have been everywhere in this "small" world but your Seminar is the most desirable place on earth I wish to be.

It may sound pompous I know, but you would know is true because trading is not only a job its addiction so talking about the Market and reading it occupies the best part of me as of any other Trader.

Thanks Mohan and God bless you.

Sincerely Yours,


Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 11:10 PM
Subject: Thank you...

Mohan, I read your two most recent "Ask Mohan" updates and I had a little laugh to myself.  Been there...done that. (lol!)  I've been following your daily updates since July 1st, and I can say that although I don't know the market's in's and out's nearly as well as you do, I am "getting" your Morning Calls now.  What you say is true, it takes at least a couple of months to feel confident and know the set-ups by memory.  At first, it may look very confusing - at least it did to me.  I thought I would never be able to remember everything you were throwing at me.  But it eventually sank in and now I am much more confident, and growing more each day.  Even so, I always have the Trading Handbook right next to my computer on my desk at all times and refer to it often.  Also, I always have my yellow pad all ready to go, usually prepped the night before if I get the new numbers before going to bed.  I try to be as well prepared as! I can before the market opens so I can sit back and watch what the market will deliver for the day.  I also learned from my "early days" (a month ago) that running errands during the day is probably not a good idea if I haven't seen a trade setup through fruition. (duh!)  Now, on most days, I'm glued to the computer watching each tick through the close, even if I closed out my trade setup, just so I can experience the minute by minute action along with the High 5 and Trailblazer.  I then print the chart for the day and attach it together with my "yellow pad" sheet and your morning call.  I write some brief notes of what I though were the trade setups for the day so I can compare them to your recap the next morning.  For the most part, I'm getting it!

I consider you my pro-trader "business coach", reminding me from time to time "what-to-do", "how-to-do", "when-to-do" and putting it to me straight.  To some, your daily ongoing reminders, some of them quite firm, of what this business is all about can be repetitious, but not to me!  Keep it coming and tell us like it is!  Your "tough love" approach is the best for those of us who think they "got it", but don't, quite yet.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sent: Monday, January 13, 2003 11:02 AM
Subject: re:trial

Hello Mohan,

At the moment I am a on your trial subscription. Firstly I would like to thank you for the extremely simple explanation of how to read the data for your " High Five " indicators.  I have read numerous books over the last couple of years  trying to get a fraction of the information that you give on a couple of pages. 

Secondly after only receiving your updates since your return from holidays your pre-market insight blows me away. Once again after subscribing to many different market forecasts over the last couple of years none of them  gave a fraction of the easy to follow insight that you provide and none gave a slight hint of what to expect as the day unfolds and all of them charged a hell of a lot more. 

You have a new follower. I will be subscribing full time at the end of this week as soon as I reach my new billing cycle with my plastic. Once again thank you. You are a breath of fresh air in my effort to try and understand the market and daytrading.



Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 5:13 AM
Subject: Morning Call

Hi Mohan,

I just have to let you know, your Morning Call is the best thing that has happened to my trading. For five years, I have been researching, studying, analyzing and trading the markets. I've read numerous books, subscribed to all kinds of services, taken trading courses and traded a lot of different strategies. None of it compares to what I have learned in the 2 1/2 short months with you. Your Morning Call has taken my trading to a whole new level.

Most importantly you have provided me a plan and a direction each day. The rest is purely mechanical and, of course, psychological. I'm amazed at how much I have grown mentally and for me that is the whole game.

Who needs an alarm clock! I'm so jazzed about reading the Morning Call that I'm up automatically (Sometimes way to early!).

I'm sorry I won't be able to attend your upcoming seminars, but do hope you'll come visit the Northeast soon. I would love to meet you.

By the way, the Breakout Pivot from yesterday occured at 11:26est, not 1:36est. I think you got your time zones confused. No biggy. Keep up the good work. It's much appreciated here.

Kindest Regards,


Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 11:46 AM
Subject: Praise for Mohan

Dear Mohan,

I've subscribed for two months now and I'm blown away by your newsletter and the education it provides.  Your interest in helping us become better traders is apparent by the detail and depth of information you provide.  I truly appreciate it.  This can be a lonely business but I feel that I have a trading friend and mentor in you. 

I've been trading full-time for seven months now and dealing with the psychological issues (fear is a biggie).  You are right on when you said, "Psychology is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF TRADING."  It's amazing how trading brings out everything within you (fear, hope, greed, etc.) 

I've read and re-read the handbook about 8 times as well as most of the books on your reading list.  I'm learning more and more every day.  (mostly about myself)  I'm so encouraged by your way of keeping things in perspective.  I don't get upset anymore if I miss a trade or stand aside if things aren't clear.  There's always another opportunity!

Thank you so much.



Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 2:03 PM
Subject: S&P 500

Sorry, Mohan, but I cannot recommend your service to anyone. You know why? It's too darn good! I'm telling you just the HOUR PIVOT is worth a grand to any daytrader. Changed the way I see the market.

Keep up the good work, Mohan!


Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 5:42 PM
Subject: Just a "thankyou" from a new subscriber

Hello Mohan,

I imagine that your email is filled daily with lots of notes of appreciation for what you do. But, I thought that one more couldn't hurt, so this is just a short note to tell you how grateful I am to be able to learn from you.

Thank you so much for the reports that were sent to me yesterday when I subscribed. I can already see that I have my money's worth in these reports alone.

My husband and I are hoping to attend your seminar that you mentioned having in the spring. He has problems with his eye retinas and the doctors tell him that he could go blind at some point in the future. He has always been a good provider, but now it's my turn to learn how to provide in case he gets to the point where he can no longer do his job.

I don't believe there are any 'accidents' in life and that when we cross paths with many people, we take notice when we are so fortunate to find one of them to be a very special 'teacher'.

In trading, I have learned a lot...the hard way, and had some success and some failure...but I still have very much to learn, and I am just so thrilled to find something that makes good sense. Your information is the best thing I've ever run across. I hope that you are aptly rewarded for all that you do for people. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.



Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 1:53 AM
Subject: Greetings!

Dear Mohan,

This is my first time writing you and I felt like I should tell you how much all your hard work and dedication to this service has meant to me. I've been studying your daily reports everyday since early July and they've proven beyond invaluable in my burgeoning trading career.

I'm the type of person who likes to be absolutely prepared before beginning any new endeavor. Since I became interested in trading as a career this past year I've obsessively spent many hundreds of hours studying and researching everything I could get my hands on about the markets, trading systems, methodologies, etc, along with disciplined paper trading everyday. I even spent two months programming my own trading system (I'm a computer programmer). Well, with all that said I just wanted you to know that I have come full circle and realized that your rock solid trading methodology and market calls are the absolute best I've seen. They have given me the realization and confidence that I WILL succeed in my trading business.

I must say that the ups and downs of trading along with the discipline and hard work involved have been the greatest challenges of my life so far, and I'm extremely grateful to have your knowledge and experience on my side. Thank you for all your daily hard work and dedication (believe me, it shows in your writing). I am truly looking forward to many years of great trading with you.

Best wishes and good fortune to you and yours,


Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 6:56 AM
Subject: Excellent S&P Analysis


I am a new subscriber to your market analysis, and it is excellent. I have not seen better market letter in last 10 years. I am planning to attend one of your seminars soon.

Meanwhile, if you have similar letter for T-BOND, please let me know.

Thank You,

Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 3:59 PM
Subject: Amazing

Mohan, I have been trading part time for 25 years and full time for almost 3 years. I have traded stocks, futures and options.

You name it and I've probably traded it.

I have taken courses, read books and gone to seminars and consider myself pretty knowledgeable about what is available from an education stand point.

I have trading in my blood. I love it and look forward to each and every market day and especially your calls.

I have been successful in trading stocks and options and had spurts of success in trading futures in the past. But not until I discovered your service was I ever consistent trading futures.. I had come to believe that it just wasn't possible, except for spurts. But, your numbers and calls blow me away. 

Like today was nothing short of amazing.

Thanks, I just hope you stay with us.

A firm believer,



Important notice: These are spontaneous, unsolicited e-mail comments from subscribers. Actual trading records have not been verified. There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. 21st Century Futures, LLC and all individuals affiliated with 21st Century Futures, LLC assume no responsibilities for your trading and investment results.

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