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Daily Directional

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“Mohan, I have been trading for 25 years in stocks, futures and options.  Your numbers and calls blow me away…nothing short of amazing.”  -- A firm believer, H.B.

“I am a new subscriber to your market analysis, and it is excellent.  I have not seen (a) better market letter in (the) last 10 years.” – M.P.

“Just to let you know your service is the best I have seen.  I have checked at least 6 others prior to subscribing more than a year ago and you far outshine them.  Hoping for your continuous success.” – D.R., Nevada

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Thank you for taking a moment to consider Mohan's Market Force "Daily Directional Forecast" advisory service.

This service – something that has been my passion for more than three years’ running – is the only trading advisory in the history of the stock market that tells you exactly where the market is going…BEFORE it opens!

Today I’d like to invite you to take a FREE one-month trial subscription to my service to see for yourself how it’s possible for you to read the market – and profit – just like a top pro floor trader.

Mohan's Market Force "Daily Directional Forecast" service – the #1 Roadmap to the Market – is read by thousands of professional traders worldwide on a daily basis.

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When you sign up for a FREE, 30-day trial subscription to Mohan's Market Force "Daily Directional Forecast" service, you’ll get…

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  • The satisfaction in knowing that you’ve joined an elite group of floor traders, hedge fund managers, financial advisors and global professional traders who read Mohan's Market Force "Daily Directional Forecast" each day…

  • The opportunity that comes with our live trading service – a service that offers extremely accurate precision scalping and intraday trades that will blow your mind!  This service is up over 250% on margin in our last two months of trading!

  • You’ll receive daily training in secret floor trader methodology…and key support/resistance numbers to keep you on the right side of the market each day…

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I’m so confident that you’ll find Mohan's Market Force "Daily Directional Forecast" service to be remarkably accurate – and everything I’ve described it to be – that I’m willing to give away 30 days’ worth of the service at no cost or obligation to you.

What could be more fair than that?

I can make such an offer – one that most advisory services avoid like the plague – because I know that my service delivers on everything it promises…and when you see that, you’ll be so impressed that I know I’ll be able to count on you as a long-term customer.

So please – take advantage of one of my FREE 30-day trial offers…below and grab your copy of my new report, “How to Know Exactly Where the Market is Going Today and How to Trade it Like a Pro,” as my gift to you.

Best regards,


Click Here To Take A FREE 1 Month Trial To Both Of My Trading Services And To Also Receive My New Report "How To Trade The EMini S&P500 Like A Pro" As My Gift For Joining Us On A FREE Trial

Click Here To Take A FREE 1 Month Trial To Mohans Market Force And To Also Receive My New Report "How To Trade The EMini S&P500 Like A Pro" As My Gift For Joining Us On A FREE Trial

About Mohan

Mohan is a trader and educator who specializes in trading the e-mini S&P 500 futures contracts and Index Options.

Mohan began his trading career in the early 1990s, trading gold and crude oil during the first Gulf War, ultimately getting hooked on trading while capturing the big uptrend in crude oil during that period. After the war, Mohan watched with fascination as money poured out of crude oil and into the S&P 500 at an astonishing rate. This was the starting point for a decade-long obsession with the S&P 500 contract, where he watched nearly every tick, every day, over an entire 10-year period.

During his decade of intensive research, study, and full-time trading, Mohan developed his proprietary synthesis of 18 powerful market indicators. These indicators are built upon the work of the last generation of master traders, yet Mohan has completely retooled and reinvented them to create a dynamic and profitable methodology for today's market environment.

This proprietary synthesis of 18 market indicators allows Mohan to make exact, crystal clear, "no-waffling" calls on the next day's market direction. During the 1990s, he offered his forecast to a small group of private investors and trading friends, while further honing his methods as a full-time trader of the S&P 500 futures.

In late 2001, Mohan posted some forecasts on a well-known trading message board over a period of three weeks, and was drafted soon after -- by popular demand -- to launch a daily advisory service. He launched in April 2002 and rapidly grew his subscription base via word-of-mouth among professional traders, floor traders, hedge fund managers and even well-known trading authors. Since then, many beginning traders have also learned to trade using his methods in his "Daily Directional Forecast" Internet newsletter, dramatically lowering the learning curve for traders looking to enter this market.

In June 2003, Mohan joined forces with 21st Century Investor Publishing, Inc to create Mohan's Market Force "Daily Directional Forecast" , bringing his passion for trading the S&P 500 futures to a wider audience of serious traders.

When Mohan is not working and researching the markets, he likes to relax by running on the beach and playing rock and jazz music with his professional musician friends. He also works extensively in the community helping his many disabled friends.