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Daily Directional

Daily Directional Forecast

For many years our daily newsletter has offered day traders and short term traders an exact, crystal clear, directional forecast of where the market is going today...before the opening bell. In addition to our 80% accurate forecasts we also offer our proprietary analysis each morning using our exclusive Market Force Indicators and trading setups for the Emini S&P500....all for just 1$ a day.

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What traders say about us

"I win about 90% of my trades, I think… maybe even a little higher. It wasn't always that way. The first couple years, before I found Mohan on the Internet, I was losing money. But I knew there were traders out there making money. So I thought, if they could do it I could do it too. And, for the past seven years, ever since I've been following Mohan, I've been doing great. I like to scale in and out. I'll start with 2-4 contracts. Then, if it moves 3 points against me, I'll scale in 2 more contracts. When it gets back up to my original entry I scale out 2 contracts. So I've lowered my average cost and still have the core position. Sometimes I end up buying and selling a couple times. But I'm always pretty confident that price will come back to Mohan's pit bull number. His numbers are generally right on. Trading in Japan is kind of interesting because we don't watch the US media. In Japan they see the US market and talk about market manipulation and say things that Americans would call conspiracy theory. But it's a fact of life. The markets have changed over the years because of high frequency trading. And now the Fed seems to be getting more and more involved in US markets. But, why worry about it? It's all just part of the game. I could easily trade for a living, and when I move back to Hawaii I will. But the way my visa is, I have to keep a job in Japan. So I trade in the evening, pull at least 4 points from the market, and call it a day."

"I'm retired so you could say I'm a full-time trader. I love trading and it does provide a major source of income. I started with Mohan in about 2003. He's terribly precise on his forecasts for the following day. If he says the market will turn at 1206.25, 80% of the time it does. And that's some pretty valuable insight. But when he's wrong in his forecast, he has the High-Five that will tell you he's wrong. So that keeps you from getting hurt. Typically my swing trades last 10-30 minutes, and I look to make $100 per contract. So that's 2 points… 2 points a trade, 4-5 trades a day. And I trade 5 days a week. Then, two or three times a month you'll hit a trend day. Those are nice. You stay in all day and might make 10 or 20 points before you're done. Maybe even more. But that doesn't happen too often. The main thing I like about Mohan himself is that he's a very very honest man. And he presents things as they are."
-Chris Henn

"I'm not particularly a day trader, as such. So I use Mohan's forecasts more like a weather report. If he sees conditions are favorable for what I anticipate the market will do, I know I have a good chance it's going to work out. I trade on three different time scales. And Mohan's methods, the High-Five in particular, are invaluable for all kinds of trading– daytrading, swing, and position trading too. When the DOW is at 14000 and the S&P500 is 1500, and you think, goodness gracious this is a bit high. That's when I look for a position trade. Here in the UK, they don't talk about the stock market much. So, when you hear BBC saying stocks are at an all-time high, and everything is rosy, you know it's time to go short. A trade like that can last several months. Then I do a bit of day-trading, which tends to be fading the gap; where I could be in and out in a couple hours. And my swing trades, I'll be in anywhere from three days to a couple weeks. What I like is that Mohan doesn't hedge. He comes out and says precisely what he thinks the market is going to do. And generally it does. I tie what he sees in with what I see. And when all things come together, it gives you a very high probability trade."
-John Johnson

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