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March 26, 2023

Course #101 - Basic Investing

Section 4

Stock Prices
How do we decide on how much to charge for one share of stock? In other words, how are these prices determined?
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[Judy Alster - Senior Analyst]

"My three rules of investment writing: Clarity. Brevity. Profit."

What I do is analyze and recommend stocks - stocks that are headed up for at least a few months and sometimes longer. Every month I recommend buying about eight or 10 of them in the 21st Century Investor newsletter. When I think they've maximized their profit potential I recommend selling them. My profit record is good; in fact it's quite good. I'll get to that in a moment.

Mainly, I'm a "fundamentalist." I look at the company itself. I find companies in growing sectors of the economy, or sectors that look like they're about to grow, with the chance of dominating that sector for a while. The companies I like are usually making a profit on increasing revenue - or what's sometimes even better as far as the stock market is concerned, they're just beginning to make a profit after several quarters of losses. I prefer earnings that are solid operating profit, not tax benefits or proceeds from asset sales.

Here are the profits subscribers have taken on some of my recommendations just since October 2003:

  • 68% on IDX Systems
  • 101% on Central European Distribution
  • 53% on Vimpel Communications
  • 34% on Arthrocare Corp.
  • 77% on China Yuchai
  • 20% on Closure Medical
  • 69% on Cyberonics
  • 31% on Diodes, Inc.
  • 28% on PetroKazakhstan
  • 58% on F5 Networks

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