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I ... want to commend you (and everyone at 21stCentury) for the professional, "no-shenanigans" way you run your operation. Not to mention thanks for your excellent calls and stellar track record. I see plenty of smoke-and-mirrors in other services similar to yours, but this definitely doesn't apply to you.

Thanks again.

Burt S.


"Adam Olensis of TheAgile Trader is one of the best readers of the technical tea leaves on the planet."

--OTC Journal



Based on the discussion in the Update # 281 1/23/04 which talked about Global Portfolio I went Long PPH and Shorted SMH. Your reasoning sounded good to me so I made my trades based on your recommended ratio of two to one. Here is the results of my trades:




Bought PPH 200@81.23

Sold 200@83.265

$407 less commissions

Sold SMH 400@43.46

Bought 400@40.95

$1004 less commissions

That was about 2.5% on PPH and 6.1% on SMH not too bad for a week and a half. Keep up the good work!!

Clarence M.



First off, I think your analysis and write-ups are the best anywhere I have seen...and they have changed a lot over the past 18-20 months...almost always for the better !! I subscribed ...based on your Track Record. But if there was anything that I never expected it was that you would be more of an educator to me than a trade advisor. Lately (last 2 Qs) you have been much more correct than anybody.

Jim H.



I check my email constantly for your alerts. Closing Bell and Pre- Market are required reading: last thing at night and first in the morning.


Frank E.



Great call today in telling us to wait before buying into this pop up in the first 45 minutes this morning. So, I waited, waited and waited and NEVER BOUGHT. (The market dropped throughout the rest of the day.) You saved me on this one. I would have bought into it had you not warned that this may well happen.


Vern S.



Your work has helped me book just under twenty thousand in net profits trading the QQQ's since January 1st, 2003....I sure do pay serious attention to both your sentiment (dashboard) and general technical analysis. I have been trading for a while and, in my humble opinion, your commentary, along with the work of the "Morning Briefing", is some of the best, most timely analysis of which I have ever been the pleased recipient.


Jim G.


Dear Adam,

Whomever came up with the idea for the dashboard, i think it is brilliant. It is the first example I have ever seen of next generation of trading tools. Even tradestation which is quite advanced, has nothing like the dashboard. It is refreshing new way of presenting market data.




Hello Adam,

Just a word of thanks for your extensive labors and remarkable elucidation; the sentiment dashboard is great. Since March, I've been working...various sites... and have concluded yours is by far and away the best, most comprehensive, and informative. Your Closing Bell commentary on the 'Big Picture' is superb. Don`t change a thing.

Tom N.


Dear Adam,

The tremendous effort you make is evident in your broad commentary and the Dashboard. Thank you! I was delighted to discover...your Portfolios, and I've learned more, made more $$$, and suffered fewer losses than ever before in about 30 years of investing. And I've barely scratched the surface of the intelligence available through your daily commentary. Never before have I laughed about investing, but you keep me in stitches - I love the humor! (Almost as much as the money).

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Jim E.

-Fort Worth



I am a war-battered active trader and a true skeptic.
Since I have joined your family I have been constantly impressed with (your) sheer market savvy. I love the truth in the contrarian TA. This new Sentiment Dashboard is just really great, and prompted me to write. (You) put some serious effort into this thing , and I say it is a Masterpiece right from the start ! Thanks to your work I am improving and still learning.

Frederick Z.



You've got the best comments I've seen from any site. And I've seen many, far too many for too long,.. but yours show a very balanced mind in the battle tank.

Matt R.


...I am very happy with the Agile Trader. I recovered over USD 100,000 from my subscription.

Leslie T.


I've been trading 1 year and largely due to your guidance and philosophy I've made more trading the last 3 months than I do at my day job....I love your service.

Kevin D.

Adam, there is no doubt that your service is the "premier" trading service available today. It makes me feel like I truly have "a friend in the business." Receiving your alerts helps me with the emotional side of trading which is perhaps the most difficult aspect of it.

Recent trades have included a net profit of 5.8% in just 2 days, and 5.5 % in just 1 day! Your service not only provides me with very clear entry and exit points for specific trading opportunities but also gives me extremely useful insight for my own trading ideas.


Jack N.


Dear Adam,

I eagerly await your market updates and find them most valuable. In fact, two months ago I cancelled all my other market information subscriptions. I found yours to be the best.

Best Regards,

Barry V.



You run the best trading newsletter out there. I just wanted you to know your frequent updates are appreciated...

Timothy A.


I have never been so in tune with the market until I started getting your insights. Iíve been making money both when the market is up and when it is down. My understanding of the process of making money has improved due to your very understandable analysis and I appreciate the fact that you interact with your subscribers.

Thank you and let's go wherever the market takes us.


Adam: I am in love with your analysis!

Glenn F.

Adam, I can honestly say that of all the crap out there I have read, yours is by far the most honest and complete. If you can make money in this paranoid, split personality, pessimistic market, you are definitely doing something right.


Mr. Oliensis,

I am...a small investor (a novice who was mauled by the bear market) but very much enjoy your service and have learned quite a lot from it. Of all the Alert services you seem to be the one making any money...I am currently long CHKP.


David H.

(Editor's note: We exited that CHKP trade on Aug. 1, 2002 for a 7.6% profit in nine days.)

Dear Adam, I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work and for your honesty in gauging the markets. Yours is the most intelligent, useful, and PROFITABLE letter that I have ever received in 20 years of doing this. I am learning a lot from you... and I will be with you as long as you publish... I love the analyses of both individual stocks and the market/economy. Your insights are the best and most enlightening.

Best regards,


Your recommendations continue to be very profitable for me. Thank you.

Robert H.

Hi Adam,

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate your service and how I am finally making some money after losing so much over the course of 3 years. I'll be subscribing to your service till the day you decide to shut it down.

Thanks again,


Dear Adam, I'm a new subscriber and have been an off and on trader for 30 years. I subscribed to several gurus. But none offered a service that I was very satisfied with, until yours. I am not only impressed with your picks and timing, but your communication is clear, timely and focused.

Best Regards,


Littleton, CO


Thanks for the real time updates. I have several subscriptions to newsletters, and you are the only one making me money. I truly believe that is because you are watching virtually every tick as I am. In this whipsaw market, constant adjustments are a must. So, I for one am certain that you are paying attention :-).



Adam, Excellent write up today and actually each have become my must read of the many sources of financial information I get each day/week.

James H.


I must say, I'm finding your stuff a must-read these days. Good balance between technical and fundamental economic analysis. It's like having a good river guide to point out the larger context of the river's course. Keep up the great work -- I recommend you to all my market-oriented friends. My take is that the universe is making us take a do-over of the last 5-10 years, and we better not be so greedy next time.

I'm glad to have you as a guide for this piece of my puzzle.


Mark R.