The Agile Trader by Adam Oliensis  

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Welcome to The Agile Trader!

[Adam Oliensis, Editor]

My advisory service is designed for investors who want to beat the market, and are tired and frustrated by the "buy-and-hold" fantasies of Wall Street. My strategy is totally flexible, designed to make money in any kind of market.

I move within the market, always staying agile. I never want to be dogmatic about what the markets or the economy should do, or take what the consensus is expecting at face value. I'd much rather listen to what the market is saying and follow its directions.

Because there's a nice little secret about the markets that most people don't realize: if you listen closely enough, the markets tell you what they're going to do! It's been delivering very accurate forecasts for years and years. But most people ignore -- or can't hear -- what the markets are saying.

Please join me at The Agile Trader, and together we'll listen to exactly what the markets are saying, and grab our profits in any market.

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