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December 7, 2021
Jeff Manera

About Jeff Manera

Meet Jeff Manera, owner, editor and Head Trader of PowerHouse Options.

You may also know Jeff as the Executive editor of the acclaimed investing newsletter Superstock Investor, which specializes in uncovering stocks with takeover potential and providing subscribers with diversified model portfolios. And you’ve likely seen his widely quoted commentaries in the financial media.

Jeff has also launched and traded several other successful stock-picking and options trading services.

Jeff's aggressive investing style has generated a powerful track record of winning trades…with the better part of a decade of successful options and stock trades under his belt.

He scours the markets tirelessly for overpriced or undervalued opportunities in underlying stocks, finds the best way to creatively leverage the options for maximum profit – even siphoning income directly into subscribers’ accounts by “writing” (selling) options.

Instead of just blindly following technical signals without considering the fundamental factors at work, Jeff puts the markets and the economy as a whole under a microscope. Then, armed with a “macro” view that portends a clear direction, he can cull the list of possible trades and dramatically increase the odds of success.

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